It Turns It Causes Menstruation Not Current

Noncurrent menstruation, which can be called irregular menstruation, is a condition when the menstrual cycle becomes slower, faster, over several months, or even does not occur at all.

Menstruation is the whole process of the uterine wall that comes out into blood, usually occurs for 3-7 days. Naturally menstrual cycle occurs for 28-35 days and occurs as much as 11-13 times menstruation in one year. Each woman has a different menstrual cycle, which can be shorter or longer.


Menstruation is not fluent or irregular if the cycle occurs less than 21 days or more than 35 days. In addition menstruation grouped not smoothly when the length of menstruation varies each month. The blood volume is not the same, sometimes a lot or sometimes a little, also the basis of menstruation is not smooth.

Non-current menstruation usually occurs in the first few years you start menstruating. Menstruation is not smooth or irregular is caused by a hormone that has not been balanced. However, if menstruation is not smooth or irregular occurs instead of in the first few years you have menstruation, then menstrual problems can be classified into several types of irregular menstruation. As metrorrhagia , oligomenorrhea, menometrorrhagia , and amenorrhea .

  • Metrorrhagia is irregular menstruation, but regular menstruation occurs.
  • Oligomenorrhea is a condition when the menstrual cycle occurs more than 35 days, so in the period of a year, menstruation can occur only about 6-8 times.
  • Amenorrhea is a condition when your menstruation stops for 3 more months.
  • Menometrorrhagia , is a longer menstrual bleeding and more blood volume but routine occurs.

What Causes Irregular Menstruation?

As mentioned above, menstruation which is not smooth or irregular usually occurs if a person is still in the early years of menstruation or period puberty . In addition to puberty, menstruation is not smooth or irregular can also occur at the time of menopause.

However, if you are not in time puberty or not approaching the menopause, this can be caused by other medical conditions. Here are some things that could be the cause of menstruation that is not smooth or irregular, among others:


If your periods are stalled or delayed, try checking to see if you’re pregnant. Doctors will usually recommend a pregnancy test and Ultrasound .

Constricting tools

Using contraceptives such as IUD (spiral) or birth control pills can indeed cause changes in the spots between menstrual cycles. IUDs can cause more than normal blood or abdominal pain during menstruation. The likelihood of a little blood coming out early on in birth control pills is also possible and will stop after the first few months.

Patterns of everyday life

If you exercise excessively and your weight drops dramatically, it can cause menstruation is not smooth or irregular. Similarly with excessive weight or obesity. Not only does weight change, stress can also affect your menstrual cycle.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Is a collection of symptoms caused by a small cyst inside the ovary. The existence of these cysts makes the hormones unbalanced, as testosterone rises beyond the normal limit for which women should have little testosterone. Abnormalities also occur to the process of release of eggs. This causes you to not have menstruation, or menstruation, or menstruation, but the blood that comes out just a little.


On the neck you are there thyroid gland which produce hormones that regulate the body’s metabolism. If your thyroid is troubled or impaired, sometimes, it can affect your menstruation. Consult this to the doctor because usually the doctor will do a blood test to see how the level thyroid hormone in your blood.

How To Overcome Menstruation Not Current

To cope with menstruation that is not smooth need to be adjusted with the cause. Here are some ways you can do to deal with menstruation that is not smooth or irregular.

  • Changing lifestyle.
  • Change the contraceptives
  • Doing a thyroid treatment
  • Perform polycystic ovary syndrome treatment, such as diabetes treatment or hormone level restoration. In addition, lose weight in a healthy way if you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome with excess weight.
  • Counseling if you experience stress that causes weight to drop dramatically.
  • If you plan on having a baby, try synthetic hormones to trigger ovulation back to normal.

Menstruation is not smooth or irregular indeed very disturbing for women. To solve your menstrual problems, try to find out the cause. Generally irregular or non-regular menstruation does not require medical treatment. If you experience unusual bleeding at the time of menstruation until you need to change the pads every hour, your periods occur for more than 7 days, and you experience spots or bleeding after intercourse, then immediately call your doctor for further examination.

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