Warts on the Neck Can Be Contagious, Find Out How To Overcome It

Although generally harmless, but the warts in the neck can be contagious. Warts can also sometimes cause pain, and interfere with appearance and make no confidence.

Warts in the neck, like warts in general, arise due to HPV virus infection of the skin, especially the wounded skin. If it occurs on the neck, then the wart may begin with a wound like a nail scratch. This open wound allows the virus to enter the skin layer.


How to Transmit Warts in the Neck

Warts can happen to anyone, but may be more risky to certain people like children. This is because the child’s immune system is still not fully formed to fight human papillomavirus (HPV) virus .

There are several types of warts that can grow in different parts of the human body. Warts on the neck can look gray in color, have a coarse texture and round. In addition, the warts on the neck can also look like folds of skin or resemble a meat growing the size of a pimple. Warts of this kind are generally small in color with a color similar to skin color.

The bad news is, warts can be contagious. Other people can be infected if they touch a wart on the neck of a person, or even establish contact with objects held or worn such as bathrobes or towels. It is therefore important not to touch, let alone scratch your warts, and immediately wash your hands if touching the warts.

How to Overcome Warts in the Neck

Warts should be treated immediately, before spreading. Generally warts in the neck can be handled with home care. You can use over-the-counter medications salicylic acid , glycolic acid, or tretinoin or as prescribed by a physician. This medicine serves to help the skin exfoliation. Doctors can also give drug injections bleomycin . In addition, nail polish nail polish or tape is widely used to treat warts.

However, you should be careful using these two ways. The results so far show that this method has not proved effective. Keep in mind that the warts can also spread to other body parts and multiply. This is why dermatologists recommend to treat warts as soon as possible. Doctors can freeze warts with liquid nitrogen to kill the virus, also provide immune system booster drugs.

In certain cases, doctors may use cantharidin , electrical surgery, or even laser for hard-to-solve warts. The doctor may also recommend surgical removal of the warts, if necessary.

Warts, including warts in the neck, unfortunately can not be prevented. However, the chance of warts can be minimized with caution when using a towel that is rented out to the public like in a hotel, fitness center, or other public places. Get used washing hands regularly, and keep skin healthy to stay moist and free of scratches.

Although warts in the neck are generally harmless, consult a doctor immediately if the warts hurt, experience changes in color, bleeding or pus out. Warts should also be wary of diabetics, impaired immune system or warts that appear on the face or sensitive areas of the body.

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