Hot Footprints Can Be Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

If you experience hot soles to cause a burning sensation, you may suffer from a neurological disorder that is peripheral neuropathy, or impaired peripheral nerve function. Treatment of peripheral neuropathy focuses on preventing further nerve damage.

The cause of the foot that feels hot can vary, ranging from mild and can be improved only by rest, such as due to the number of activities undertaken or the use of footwear less comfortable, to the effect of more serious conditions, due to disease or health problems which underlie. One of the most common is that diabetes often causes complications peripheral neuropathy .


In addition, the cause of peripheral neuropathy is also included vitamin B deficiency , long alcohol consumption, uric acid sufferers, to HIV patients who do not get medical treatment.

Nerve Damage on Feet

In patients with peripheral neuropathy, nerve fibers are damaged. Damaged nerves are overactive and send signals to the brain in the form of pain, whereas no part is injured. The feet also become too sensitive to touch. This condition often causes the sensation of heat in the foot.

The heat in the legs is not the same between patients with one another. Some feel the heat is light, there is also a heavy. Conversely, there is also a feel the legs become often tingling, even some can not feel anything else or numb.

Peripheral neuropathy can be divided based on the degree of nerve damage or severity that is caused:

As the name implies, mononeuropathy means peripheral (peripheral) liver damage. This condition occurs if you often do the same movement over and over again. Can also happen when you do one movement or do the same position in a long time. This causes a long pressure on the nerves, resulting in nerve damage type of mononeuropati. The symptoms are legs or hands limp, tingling, and numbness. For example, paralysis of the peroneal nerve (nerve), which causes a nerve disorder above the calf that makes the foot feel depressed and difficult to move.

Monoeuropathy initially occurs in one part of the nerve, but over time, it may spread to some parts of the nerve, so the complaints that arise will be widespread and resemble complaints on polyneuropathy. This condition is known as multiple mononeuropathy.

This type means the presence of nerve damage to some peripheral nerves at the same time. Patients with polineuropati often feel the complaints on the legs, due to long nerve fibers.

The cause is vitamin B deficiency, kidney failure , cancer, and excessive consumption of alcohol in the long term. The most common of these types is diabetic neuropathy , which is caused by diabetes. Hot sole feet are one of several symptoms of polyneuropathy.

Recognizing Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

To be sure if your hot feet are affected by peripheral neuropathy, try to notice other symptoms. Usually patients with peripheral neuropathy will experience other symptoms, such as:

  • Feet there are wrapping, like when wearing socks.
  • Feet tight, but weak when will be moved.
  • The foot surface feels like there is a smooth vibration or sudden pain.
  • There was a piercing pain.
  • Appears excessive sweating.
  • In men there is the possibility of sexual dysfunction.

Try to keep it up healthy lifestyle , exercise routine and use comfortable footwear. If you experience hot soles or other peripheral neuropathy symptoms that often recur and do not improve or even get worse, you are advised to see a doctor. Especially when the sensation of heat in the legs turns completely numb, weak to lose balance, or there are injuries that do not heal.

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